Canning House and LSE join forces on Canning Lectures

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We are partnering up with the LSE LACC to offer a high-level platform to visiting Latin American Presidents & Ministers

Canning House and the LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre are combining forces to deliver Canning Lectures at the LSE.

The Canning Lectures at the LSE will offer a unique high-level platform for visiting Latin American Presidents, and their Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs or Finance, to speak about their government programmes and their perspectives on bilateral and international relations to a distinguished audience of Ministers and parliamentarians, diplomats and officials, businesses and investors, think-tanks, academics and students.

The Canning Lecture series has hosted Latin American Presidents for more than 20 years – including Presidents Cardoso, Zedillo, Menem, Chávez, Fox, Toledo, Correa, Santos, Piñera, Peña Nieto, Bachelet and Duque as well as Foreign Ministers such as William Hague (UK Canning Agenda) and Miguel Vargas Maldonado (Dominican Republic).

View the full timeline here.

LSE has also hosted Latin American Presidents – including Presidents Bachelet, Piñera, Lula, Cardoso, Correa, Fox, Zedillo, Varela and Santos.

We look forward to working together to continue offering a unique opportunity to hear from and engage directly with current Latin American leaders.

Learn more about the Canning House Research Forum hosted by the LSE.

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