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Each year Canning House publishes around six different white papers on political and economic trends and issues in Latin America, as well as papers focusing on specific industries and commercial sectors.

To date, the papers have covered diverse topics as elections analysis, corruption, renewable energy and private equity in Latin America. The papers aim to give Canning House members essential insights into the most pressing socioeconomic and geopolitical issues, and business risks and opportunities in emerging sectors.

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Canning Papers
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Canning House Research Forum

Canning House and the LSE have launched the Canning House Research Forum at the LSE.

The Forum will be hosted by the LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre and will be a multi-year rolling programme of research and policy engagement around the overarching theme of “The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean” with particular reference to UK-Latin American relations.

The programme will consist of a series of individual, policy-focused research projects aiming to advance knowledge and offer insights of practical application to political, economic, social and business policy-making.

Output from the programme will be published through our websites, through social media and as reports at 12-18 month intervals. There will also be a suite of associated events in the UK and Latin America, directed at audiences drawn not only from academia but also from governments, parliaments, embassies, businesses, chambers of commerce, think-tanks and private individuals - to showcase, discuss and build upon the implications of the research for practical policy.

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Learn more about the Canning House-LACC partnership here.

Visiting Fellowships

This year Canning House and King’s College London launched a new Visiting Fellowship. The aim of the Fellowship is to provide an opportunity for Latin American academics to enrich their research using the extensive Canning House Library Collection, housed at King’s College London. 

The research project undertaken should fall within one of the following thematic areas:

  1. Migration between Europe and Latin America from 1800 to the present, its history and political, social and economic impacts  – with a special focus on Britain as a source or recipient of migration.
  2. Slavery and forced labour (historic and modern) – in Latin America, Iberia and the UK.
  3. The Sports Diaspora – sport-driven transfers between Latin America and Europe (esp. UK) and their impact on sports (especially but not exclusively football).
  4. Race and opportunity –  a comparative history of the development of racial and indigenous rights, their protection and promotion in Latin America, Iberia and the UK.

Applications for the 2020 - 2021 Fellowships are now open until Friday 17th January 2020. 

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The Canning House Library Collection

The Canning House Library was launched in 1948 and was recognised for many years as a key source of information on the Latin world, attracting over three thousand users a year. It continues to be one of the most important collections in the UK for Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies.

In 2012 the bulk of the collection (some 54,000 titles) was transferred to King’s College London. With the Foreign Office Collection, the Canning House material provides a significant source of complementary information for a wide range of users. It is managed by a special joint Board and is accessible to Canning House members on request.

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Policy Roundtables

Policy Roundtables

Canning House’s policy roundtable meetings convene senior representatives from government, business leaders from the private sector, as well as senior individuals from civil society groups and NGOs.

Discussions are held in private to encourage free and open conversation, and a summary of the key points discussed and recommendations made is circulated to those who attended. An executive summary is also made available for public access.

For more information contact [email protected]

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