Celebrating Central America's Bicentenary of Independence

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On 15 September, Canning House celebrates the Independence Days of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua! We present messages from the Central American Ambassadors commemorating 200 years of Independence.

Celebrating Central America's Bicentenary of Independence

On 15 September, Canning House is pleased to present a virtual celebration of the Independence Days of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua!

These Central American countries’ Ambassadors to the United Kingdom deliver messages marking the 200th anniversary of their nations’ independence, showcasing their countries’ vibrant cultures and histories, and highlighting the bonds between Central America and the UK.

On this page you also will find links to a selection of various cultural resources and videos covering the countries’ food and drink, music and dance, natural environment, museums and more.

Click below to see each nation's celebration:

Costa Rica · El Salvador · Guatemala · Honduras · Nicaragua

Costa Rica

A message from HE Ambassador Rafael Ortiz Fábrega, Ambassador of Costa Rica to the UK

Learn about Costa Rican history and art

Visit the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica 

Museo de Arte Costarricense

Want to travel to Costa Rica?

Learn more at

Try Costa Rican dishes

From gallo pinto to tres leches - find out more

El Salvador

A message from HE Ambassador Vanessa Interiano, Ambassador of El Salvador to the UK

See El Salvador's treasured artworks in 360°

Take a virtual tour of the Museo de Arte de El Salvador

Keen on surfing?

El Salvador may be your ideal destination: Surf City El Salvador


A message from HE Ambassador José A. Briz G., Ambassador of Guatemala to the UK

Travel to Guatemala, corazón del mundo Maya

Paseo Guatemala

or experience Guate en 360°

Visit the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

Take a 360° tour

Marvel at Guatemala's folkloric dance

See seven examples on


A message from HE Ambassador Iván Romero-Martínez, Ambassador of Honduras to the UK and Dean of GRULA

Discover Honduran gastronomy and culture

Visit Honduras.Travel

Experience world-class diving around Honduras' islands and reefs

Find the best locations

Visit Honduras' best museums

Including archeology, railways and marine heritage


A message from HE Ambassador Guisell Morales-Echaverry, Ambassador of Nicaragua to the UK

Want to travel to Nicaragua?

Learn more at

Taste Nicaragua's traditional dishes

Learn about the country's gastronomy

Do you know the literature of Rubén Darío?

Start with this short biography

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