Conversa 3

  • London, UK

The UK-Brazil Conversa is a dialogue between policy makers and influencers, business leaders, academics, diplomats and governments, to help build closer relations and contacts between Brazil and the UK. Conversa 3 will take place at King's College London.

Founded in 2014 by former UK Ambassador to Brazil, Alan Charlton, the Conversa is an annual forum for influential people from a variety of backgrounds – business, government, diplomacy, academia, think-tanks – to discuss key issues relating to UK-Brazilian relations.

Alternating between the UK and Brazil, it was established to help explore how to make more of the contacts and links between the two countries. In order to encourage free-flowing and open conversations, discussion groups are small and sessions are held under the Chatham House rule.

Conversa 3 will take place at King's College London.

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  • Session 1 – Healthcare: How to Give Our Societies What They Need

    Chair: Ambassador Sergio Eduardo Moreira Lima, President of Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão

    Speaker (Brazil): Fernanda Farina, President of Brazil Oxford Society

    Speaker (UK): Rogerio Ribeiro, Senior Vice-President, Glaxo-Smith-Kline

    Rapporteur: Maria Cecilia Barcelos Cavalcante Vieira, Technology and Innovation Attachée, Brazilian Embassy London


  • Session 2 – Economy: Creating Prosperity and Fairness in the Era of Globalisation

    Chair: Alexander Brennan, Brennan and Partners

    Speaker (Brazil): Sergio Agapito Lires Rial, Santander Brazil

    Speaker (UK): Peter Collecott, Chairman, Canning House

    Rapporteur: Cristina Cortes, Chief Operating Officer, Canning House


  • Session 3 – Are Security and Privacy Compatible?

    Chair: Vijay Rangarajan, British Ambassador to Brazil Designate

    Speaker (Brazil): José Mariano Benincá Beltrame, Former Rio State Secretary for Security; Roberto Troncon, Police Attaché, Brazilian Embassy

    Speaker (UK): Guilherme Brafman, Lewis Silkin

    Rapporteur: Frederico Singarajah, Hardwicke and Lex Anglo-Brasil


  • Session 4 – Education, Research, Innovation: How to Make Ourselves Successful by 2030

    Chair: Sir Mark Walport, UK Government Science Adviser

    Speaker (Brazil): Joaquim Clotet, Former Rector, PUCRS

    Speaker (UK): Sir Richard Trainor, President, Exeter College, Oxford University

    Rapporteur: Fernando Vasconcellos, Head of IP Valuation at Coller IP


  • Session 5 – National Reputation: The Importance of Soft Power for Brazil and the UK

    Chair: Baroness Hooper, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords

    Speaker (Brazil): Francisco Gaetani, President ENAP (National School of Public Administration)

    Speaker (UK): Jonathan Hannay, ACER (Associação de Apoio à Criança em Risco)

    Rapporteur: Helen Jones, Science Museum


  • Session 6 – How to Shape Foreign and International Co-Operation Policy in the Interest of Citizens

    Chair: Eduardo dos Santos, Brazilian Ambassador to the UK

    Speaker (Brazil): Ambassador Hermano Telles Ribeiro, Brazilian Permanent Representative to International Organisations in London

    Speaker (UK): Joanna Newman, Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities

    Rapporteur: Nigel Baker, Deputy Director Americas, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


  • Session 7 – Politics and Business: Promoting Engagement and Trust in Our Societies

    Chair: Michael Reid, The Economist

    Speaker (Brazil): Bruno Covas, Vice-Mayor of São Paulo

    Speaker (UK): Vera Helena de Moraes Dantes Innes, Member of International Bar Association

    Rapporteur: Marcus de Freitas, FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado) and Oxford University


  • Session 8 – Capital Markets, Banks, Investment: The Roles of Government and the Private Sector

    Chair: Luciano Coutinho, Former President of BNDES

    Speaker (Brazil): Renato Lulia Jacob, Itaú BBA

    Speaker (UK): Ed Hudson, EY

    Rapporteur: Joanna Crellin, Director of Trade and Investment Brazil and UK, Consul General São Paulo


  • Session 9 – Defence and Security: The Importance of Technological Innovation

    Chair: Jackson Schneider, VP EMBRAER

    Speaker (Brazil): Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho, Director, Brazil Institute, King’s College London

    Speaker (UK): Marco Caffe, BAE Systems

    Rapporteur: Antonio Sampaio, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London


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