Conversa 1

  • Cambridge, UK
  • 5th December - 7th December

The UK-Brazil Conversa is a dialogue between policy makers and influencers, business leaders, academics, diplomats and governments, to help build closer relations and contacts between Brazil and the UK. The event will take place at the University of Cambridge.

Founded in 2014 by former UK Ambassador to Brazil, Alan Charlton, the Conversa is an annual forum for influential people from a variety of backgrounds – business, government, diplomacy, academia, think-tanks – to discuss key issues relating to UK-Brazilian relations.

Alternating between the UK and Brazil, it was established to help explore how to make more of the contacts and links between the two countries. In order to encourage free-flowing and open conversations, discussion groups are small and sessions are held under the Chatham House rule.

The event will take place at King's College, University of Cambridge. 

Read the 2014 Report


  • Delegates arrive in the afternoon, having arranged their own transport. The delegates will stay at the City Hotel and Downing College

    From 15.00

  • Depart from Hotel and Downing College to King’s College


  • Reception in King’s College Chapel and on lawn outside

    19.15 - 20.00

  • Dinner in the Great Hall of King’s College Cambridge.


  • End of dinner



  • Depart from City Hotel and Downing College, by bus to the Moller Centre 


  • Session 1: Infrastructure for the 21st century:Llining Up Government, Business and Finance

    Chairman: Chris Bryant MP

    Speaker UK: Nick Hurd MP

    Speaker Brazil: Luciano Coutinho 

    Rapporteur: Ed Hudson, EY


    9.30 - 11.00

  • Session 2: Education, Science and Innovation: Can we Match the US and Asia?

    Chairman: Sir Tim O’Shea, Principal Edinburgh University

    Speaker UK: Chris Dobson, Master St John’s College Cambridge

    Speaker Brazil: Glaucius Oliva, CNPq

    Rapporteur: Vivienne Stern, Universities UK


    9.30 - 11.00

  • Session 3: Better Together? What do we want from Regional and International Organisations?

    Chairman: Kenneth Clarke MP

    Speaker UK: Alex Ellis, British Ambassador

    Speaker Brazil: Roberto Jaguaribe, Brazilian Ambassador 

    Rapporteur: Rob Macaire, BG Group 


    9.30 - 11.00

  • Coffee break


  • Session 4: Stopping the Blackouts: Meeting our Energy Needs

    Chairman: Michael Reid, Economist

    Speaker UK: Phil New, BP

    Speaker Brazil: Adriana Machado, GE

    Rapporteur: Carole Sweeney, UKTI



  • Session 5: Can we make our cities better?

    Chairman: Sir David Wootton, Allen & Overy

    Speakers UK: Sir Paul Judge; Dan Epstein 

    Speaker Brazil: Mario Garnero, Forum Americas 

    Rapporteur: Joao Marcos Senise Paes Leme, Brazilian Embassy 



  • Session 6: Defence and Aerospace: Do we need Bigger and Better?

    Chairman: Francisco Itzaina, Rolls Royce 


    Speaker UK: Martin Bennett, BAESystems

    Speaker Brazil: Mauro Kern, EMBRAER 

    Rapporteur: Martin Raven, Former Consul-General Sao Paulo



  • Lunch

    13.00- 14.00

  • Session 7: Health, Food and Lifestyle: Giving People What They Want and Need

    Chairman: Sir Mark Walport, British Government Chief Scientific Adviser

    Speaker UK: Rogerio Ribeiro, GSK

    Speaker Brazil: Sergio Rial, Marfrig 

    Rapporteur: Archie Young, FCO


    14.10- 15.40

  • Session 8: Can the Establishment Work With Today’s Wired Youth?

    Chairman: Kenneth Maxwell

    Speaker UK: Hugh Elliott, FCO

    Speaker Brazil: Ricardo Pellegrini, IBM (requested) 

    Rapporteur: Lorraine de Matos, Cultura Inglesa


    14.10- 15.40

  • Delegates depart to the Hotel and Downing College 


  • Depart by bus from Hotel and Downing College to Newmarket


  • Drinks Reception in the Morning Room and on the terrace of The Jockey  Club Rooms, Newmarket

    19.30 - 20.15

  • Dinner in the Coffee Room of The Jockey Club Rooms


  • Return to the Hotel and Downing College



  • Reports from the Rapporteurs on the Saturday sessions, chaired by Roberto Jaguaribe and Alex Ellis. Discussion.

    Closing session, chaired by Luciano Coutinho, Kenneth Clarke and Alan Charlton: The way ahead for the Conversa. 


    09.30 - 12.00

  • Reception and a light lunch 


  • Departure


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