What's next for Venezuela?

  • Hermione Greenhalgh

On 23 January, Juan Guaidó, the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN), formally declared himself to be the country’s interim president and said that he will now seek to organise a new general election process to elect a successor to the de facto president, Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela crisis update

Cristina Cortes, CEO of Canning House, and Jon Farmer, Editor at LatinNews, discussed the fast-changing situation; touching on the series of events that led to Juan Guaidó's declaration on 23 January, and the significance of the timing.

The conversation then shifted to the question of "what next for Venezuela?". Though Guaidó has been successful in terms of garnering international support (already being recognised as the legitimate interim president by the Lima Group and US, among others), Jon Farmer emphasised the importance of gaining military support in order to remove Maduro from power.

Cristina and Jon then took questions from the online audience, touching on whether or not dialogue between Maduro and the opposition would bear fruit; the possibility that the Maduro administration would permit humanitarian corridors to deliver aid to the Venezuelan people; the role of other armed actors in the crisis; the feasibility and desirability of economic sanctions; and more broadly the role of the international community.

To find out more about the crisis in Venezuela, make sure you tune in on 11 February at 4pm to watch Canning House live stream its event Venezuelan Exodus in Parliament. More info on how to watch coming soon.

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