Message from the CEO

  • Cristina Cortes

Canning House CEO Cristina Cortes provides an update on our approach given the current situation of COVID-19.

Business As Usual - with Flexibility!

The COVID-19 global pandemic is worrying a lot of people, and our first thoughts are to hope that you and your families remain well. It is a reminder, if any were needed, that Canning House is not just an institution – it is at the centre of a shared Latin American community.

We continue to monitor the situation closely, and we are aware that many of you are now either directly forbidden by your organisations to attend events or would prefer not to. Hence, even though I know that some of you would be happy to continue attending the relatively small-scale events (50-100 people) we typically organise, we are for the time being moving to a more flexible system – offering attendees the opportunity to either attend our events in person or to participate via webcasts. The choice will be yours.

At the same time, we recognise that, while many of the events that we hold are essential to a business understanding of Latin America, we also hold social events which, although important in bringing us together as a community, are less time critical. The latter – such as our Gala Dinner - we will postpone for the time being.

Our HQ remains operational and all our staff members can be reached as normal; and our regular newsletters, webinars and other services will continue unchanged:

Contact list:

  • Please contact corporate [@] canninghouse [DOT] org or call us at +44 (0) 207811 5611 for corporate membership and sponsorship enquiries.
  • Please contact events [@] canninghouse [DOT] org or call us at +44 (0) 207811 5610 for events enquiries.
  • Please contact communications [@] canninghouse [DOT] org or call us at +44 (0) 207 811 5612 for press and communications enquiries.
  • Please contact finance [@] canninghouse [DOT] org or call us at +44 (0) 207811 5606 for invoicing and financial enquiries.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Cristina Cortes


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