Cristina Cortes to step down as CEO of Canning House

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After 7 years at Canning House, initially as Chief Operating Officer and for just over the past 4 years as CEO, Cristina Cortes is stepping down in July.

Cristina Cortes to step down as CEO of Canning House


As many of you will already have heard, after 7 years at Canning House, initially as Chief Operating Officer and for just over the past 4 years as CEO, I am stepping down in July.

Over the past five years, through our research, reports and our events, and in collaboration with our partners, Canning House has delved beneath the superficial headlines and addressed in depth the real issues and trends impacting Latin America – political, economic, social and environmental. We have striven to provoke pragmatic debate on how to overcome obstacles, to share best practice and to promote growth and development. We now engage online audiences across the UK, Latin America, the EU, USA, Middle East and even Asia; and, in 2022, we returned to Latin America to hold our first in person events there for 20 years.

I feel immensely privileged to have worked with so many fascinating Latin American aficionados from both Latin America and the UK, and from all sectors of the community. Ministers, officials, trade envoys, politicians, diplomats, academics, Anglo-Latin American friendship societies, cultural institutes, and many outstanding individuals have worked closely with myself and my team, and have demonstrated time and again an unwavering commitment to our shared mission of advancing knowledge and promoting understanding and relationships between the UK and Latin America. I am grateful to you all.

And I am also grateful to my hard-working and creative team! It continues to astonish me how much work – reports, events and engagement - a small team can get through when their commitment is high and their creativity engaged in a worthy cause. The feedback I get from our stakeholders (always passed on!) is tremendously satisfying.

I first came across Canning House at the time of my first stint in Latin America in the 1990s. It was relevant to me then, and it remains relevant now for anyone with even an inkling of an interest – personal or professional – in Latin America.

As I set off to spend more time actually in Latin America - rather than in meetings and conferences devoted to it! - I wish the nearly 80-year-old Canning House all the very best for its next 80 years!

Cristina Cortes

Corrigendum: Updated on 23.05.22 to correct the dates that Cristina Cortes served as CEO of Canning House.

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