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UK/Latin America Finance Conference

  • Old Library and Print Room, Guildhall, Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HH
  • 08.30 - 14.30

We are delighted to announce Canning House’s Finance event will be held in partnership with The City of London. The event will focus on Green Finance, Infrastructure and Fintech.

Organised in partnership with The City of London

One of the biggest challenges faced by UK companies trying to access Latin America is securing finance. The finance industry in Latin America is centred around a few main hubs in the region and many projects are reliant on outside sources. This conference will focus specifically on renewable energy, infrastructure finance and fintech as some of the most important emerging financial sectors for generating productivity growth and attracting foreign direct investment in Latin America.

Canning House will be welcoming two high-profile speakers involved in Latin American and UK finance to participate in a chaired conversation to introduce the day.

Following a macroeconomic view of the region we will enter our first panel on green finance covering project finance and finance alternatives for renewables in Latin America. As countries throughout the region develop increasingly ambitious green projects, access to finance remains one of the biggest barriers to it become a truly world-leading region.

Ambitious infrastructure projects are in the pipeline all over Latin America, and although an impressive 50% of regional infrastructure is already privately financed, national governments are seeking to almost double the current average 2.8% GDP spent on infrastructure to meet 5.2% UN targets. This second panel will lay out the needs and issues of access to reach this goal.

In our third and final panel discussion we will be covering the enormous potential for fintech in Latin America. While use of mobile phones in the region is widespread, traditional financial institutions currently offer poor services - creating demand for technology that can increase access to financial services and improve relationships between customers and their banks.

Several countries in the region model much of their financial regulatory systems - particularly in fintech - on the City of London, meaning that this conference should provide fantastic insight into what is an inviting market for UK investors.

Sessions will take place in the morning followed by a networking lunch.

More information on the agenda coming soon.


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