UK-Brazil Conversa 2021

  • Online
  • 14:00-18:00

The UK-Brazil Conversa is a dialogue between policy makers and influencers, business leaders, academics, diplomats and governments, to help build closer relations and contacts between Brazil and the UK.

UK-Brazil Conversa 2021

Founded in 2014 by former UK Ambassador to Brazil, Alan Charlton CMG CVO, the Conversa is an annual forum for influential people from a variety of backgrounds – business, government, diplomacy, academia, think-tanks – to discuss key issues relating to UK-Brazilian relations.

Conversa was established to help explore how to make more of the contacts and links between the two countries, and to encourage free-flowing and open conversations.

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  • UK-Brazil Conversa 2021
  • Words of welcome

    from Alan Charlton; Founder of the Conversa; Trustee, Canning House


  • Keynote Speech 1

    Hon. Ranil Jayawardena MP, Minister for International Trade, UK Government


  • Keynote Speech 2

    Minister João Rossi, Junior Minister for International Trade, Brazilian Government


  • Collaboration between Brazil and the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond

    In what ways have the UK and Brazil worked together during the pandemic?

    How can the UK and Brazil build on the collaborative research relationship developed during the pandemic?

    How has the pandemic changed UK-Brazilian relations?

    What collaborative measures can be taken by the UK and Brazil to better protect the health of individuals and the economy in the future?

    Richard Lapper

    Former Latin America Editor, Financial Times

    Dr Clare Wenham

    Associate Professor of Global Health Policy, LSE

    Dr Nelson Teich

    Former Brazilian Minister of Health

    Vanessa Buschschlüter

    Latin America & Caribbean Editor, BBC News


  • How can the UK and Brazil improve relations in bilateral trade and business?

    What are the main obstacles to improving the business environment?

    Where is the ‘low hanging fruit?’

    What difference will an official trade deal such as an FTA make between the two countries?

    Jonathan Knott CMG

    HM Trade Commissioner, Latin America & Caribbean, DIT

    Emily Rees

    Senior Fellow, European Centre for International Political Economy

    Ana Paula Vitelli

    President, UK Chamber of Commerce in Brazil

    Vera Thorstensen

    Professor of Economics, FGV

    Cristina Irving-Turner

    Latin America & Caribbean Business Specialist, DIT


  • Who should decide in our countries? The executive, legislature, or judiciary?

    How do the three branches of government function in each country, in theory and in practice?

    How can the UK and Brazil better ensure the separation of powers?

    How has social media shaped democracy in each country? 

    What does the future hold for democracy in the digital age?

    Marco Aurelio Ruediger

    Director of Public Policy, FGV

    Frederico Singarajah

    Barrister & Arbitrator, Gatehouse Chambers

    Raquel Dodge

    Federal Prosecutor & Former Brazilian Attorney General

    Nick Tidnam

    Counsel, Hogan Lovells


  • Break


  • Keynote Speech 3

    Governor Eduardo Leite, State Governor of Rio Grande do Sul


  • Bilateral approaches to tackling inequality in the UK and Brazil

    What progress has been made in tackling inequality?

    What are the most common types of inequality seen in each country?

    What can the UK and Brazil learn from each other with regard to fighting inequality?

    Dr Rosana Pinheiro Machado

    Lecturer, Department of Social & Policy Sciences, University of Bath

    Dr Ryan Centner

    Assistant Professor of Urban Geography, London School of Economics

    Dr Malu Gatto

    Assistant Professor of Latin American Politics, University College London

    Dr Amir Lebdioui

    Canning House Research Fellow, London School of Economics Latin America & Caribbean Centre


  • Collaborative solutions to the clean energy transition in the UK and Brazil: COP26 and beyond

    What common objectives are there for both countries in the clean energy transition?

    What does each country hope to gain from COP26?

    Where are the opportunities to work together on a green recovery?

    Professor Anthony Pereira

    Professor of Brazilian Studies, Kings’ College London Brazil Institute

    H.E. Vijay Rangarajan

    Director General, Americas & Overseas Territories, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

    Christian Vargas

    Chief International Advisor, Ministry of Mines & Energy

    Lucinda Elliot

    Latin American Affairs Correspondent, Monocle


  • How can Brazil and the UK build back better and what are the key areas for cooperation?

    At the political level, what does each country value about its relationship with the other, and where are there grounds for improvement?

    What can be done to strengthen economies to make them more resilient and sustainable. 

    Beyond trade and business, what areas can the UK and Brazil cooperate closely on?

    Laura Trajber Waisbich

    Senior Researcher, Instituto Igarapé

    Melanie Hopkins

    Deputy Head of Mission in Brasilia, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

    Roberto Doring

    Deputy Head, Brazilian Embassy in UK

    Hinesh Rajani

    Head, Brazil and Southern Cone Team, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office


  • Plenary Session

    Rapporteurs to give key findings from each panel



  • Way ahead for Conversa

    Alan Charlton CMG CVO, Founder of the Conversa; Trustee, Canning House

    Cristina Cortes, CEO, Canning House


  • Closing Keynote Address

    Hon. Wendy Morton MP, Minister for European Neighbourhood & the Americas



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