The ‘Glasgow Agreement’ in Latin America

  • The Royal Institution
  • 17:00-20:00, with networking reception

Join Canning House, LatAm INVESTOR and BancTrust live in London or via Zoom as our stellar line-up analyses the investor impact of COP26 in Latin America.

The 'Glasgow Agreement' in Latin America

in partnership with LatAm INVESTOR & BancTrust

This year the UK is hosting COP26 – the world’s most important environmental summit. As heads of state and business leaders hammer out solutions, their attention will inevitably be focused on Latin America. Any global solution to climate change will rely heavily on the region as it contains an outsized proportion of the natural resources needed to combat climate change.

As a result, the agreements reached at COP26 will profoundly reshape industries in Latin America. Markets will be redrawn by the emissions targets set in Glasgow. Moreover, one of the main aims of this summit is to find mechanisms that will unleash private-sector investment in climate change solutions. In our event, our experts will explain the impact of the newly-formed COP26 agreement on their sectors. Join us as we explore the opportunities being created by Latin America’s unique role in fighting climate change.


Vincent Keaveny

Lord Mayor of the City of London

Gustavo Manrique

Minister of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition (Ecuador)

Milciades Concepción

Minister of Environment (Panama)

Fiona Clouder

COP26 Regional Ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean

Cristina Cortes

CEO, Canning House

James McKeigue

Editor, LatAm INVESTOR

Dean Tyler

Head of Global Markets, BancTrust&Co

Ramiro Blazquez

Head of Research and Strategy, BancTrust&Co

Silvana Pastor

Gente Oil (Ecuador)

Andre Fraga

Spectrum (Colombia)

Mauricio Acevedo

CEO, Trecsa (Guatemala)

Ricardo Cuesta

CEO, Produbanco (Ecuador)


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