The Future of the Latin American Football Business

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  • 16:00-18:00 GMT

Canning House presents a discussion on the future of Latin America's football business amid reforms following the 2015 'FIFAGate' scandal and the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on professional sport around the world.

The Future of the Latin American Football Business

Latin America has a long and proud footballing history dating back to the late nineteenth century. The region is home to several of the world’s biggest clubs, as well as countless global superstar footballers. However, in recent years Latin American football has been tarnished by financial impropriety, mismanagement, and accusations of corruption. Moreover, despite the enormous popularity of football in the region, in business terms it is still worth only a fraction of the turnover of the Big 5 Leagues in Western Europe, and there is a continuous drain of players to Europe and Asia.

Since the ‘FIFAGate’ scandal of 2015, in which many senior figures from Latin American clubs and football associations were implicated, there has been some progress towards reform, and in some national federations, leagues, and clubs some very clear signs of much more professional business management. However, the near shutdown of the business due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to further problems for clubs and competition organisers.

This webinar aims to look at the key factors that may help to determine the future of the business, in particular:

  • The Ownership and Management of Clubs
  • Clubs’ Participation in International Competitions, especially the Copa Libertadores, in the light of FIFA’s plans to expand the Club World Cup
  • Trends in Broadcasting and Digital Streaming
  • Trends in Sponsorship
  • Player Transfers
  • The Growth of Sports-related Betting
  • The Likely Impact of the 2026 World Cup and the Prospects for the Centenary World Cup in 2030
  • The Future for Women’s Football

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