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Latin America Food & Drink Conference: Partnerships & New Markets

  • Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE
  • 13.30 - 18.30

At this Canning House food and drink event, representatives from Latin American nations will have the opportunity to showcase the best of food and drink that their countries have to offer.

From the world-renowned wines, rum and tequila, to the exquisite fruit, vegetables, coffee and cocoa, Latin American food and drink is unmistakably diverse in style and flavour. As a result, this region has traditionally been a source of quality goods for the UK. As the continent further develops, we are entering a new phase in which the ever-growing Latin American middle-class now demands foreign food and beverages, which provides the UK, as it looks beyond Brexit, new and exciting opportunities.

This Canning Conference will bring together many different parties involved in the food and drink industry, including producers, investors, distributors and retailers, in order to explore the opportunities that this sector offers to increase exports and form new partnerships between the UK and Latin America. The conference will run alongside a trade fair, in which representatives of Latin American nations will showcase the best of food and drink that their countries have to offer. This will provide attendees with a space to network and acquire more information on the industry from both government and corporate representatives.

The conference will start with an introduction to the food and drink industry in Latin America and the UK, highlighting the opportunities and challenges of doing business in such a diverse region.

The first panel of the day will examine the food and drink industry from the Latin American perspective, focusing on what the UK imports from the region. Latin America is one of the world’s top food producers and goods such as rum, coffee, wines, and a variety of fruit, vegetables and grains are highly sought-after in the international market, including the UK. This panel will take a look at recent trends and the logistics of the import process, as well as the experience of companies in this sector.

Our second panel will focus on UK exports to Latin America, exploring the potential for growth. As Latin American markets expand, the demand for foreign goods is rising. This panel will take a look at what the British food and drink industry has to offer in order to respond to this demand, including whisky, gin, beer, salmon, cheese and tea. The experience of UK corporations in this area will be also discussed in the panel.

The third and final panel will delve into the challenges of gaining market access both in the UK and Latin America. It will engage directly with experts and companies involved in this sector in order to provide attendees with insights and tools for dealing with current and future tariffs and regulations in the region.

More details on the agenda coming soon.

  • Agenda

  • Registration, coffee and opening of trade fair

    (The trade fair will run alongside panel sessions)


  • Words of Welcome


  • Overview of the industry


  • First panel: Imports

    This panel will look at recent trends in the Latin American food and drink industry and the logistics of the import process. Case studies of companies in this area will also be explored.


  • Coffee break


  • Second Panel: Exports

    This panel will analyse UK exports to Latin America and the opportunities for increasing these. Discussing the experience of British companies will be a key part of this panel.


  • Third Panel: Challenges

    This panel will discuss the challenges of gaining market access in the region and will provide attendees with insights on how to overcome these trade barriers.


  • Final remarks


  • Continuation of trade fair and networking opportunities



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