LatAm Outlook: Update

Join us for The Canning House LatAm Outlook 2020: Update, an updated assessment on the latest developments in Latin America’s political, economic, social and business environment, as we provide new analysis on the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the region

The Canning House LatAm Outlook: Update 

The Canning House LatAm Outlook 2020: Update will provide an update on the forces shaping Latin America’s political, economic, social and business environment, and project their likely impact on society, financial and economic development, and trade and investment. Just four months have passed since the launch of the Canning House LatAm Outlook, yet the situation could hardly look more different as the region struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad problems it presents.

 Essential for any business wrestling with decisions about whether or not to trade, invest or offer financial services to the major economies of Latin America. Equally vital for existing businesses seeking to stay resilient in the face of potential changes. Join us for an updated assessment that aims to provide some clarity a time of great uncertainty.

In partnership with Ipsos, Itaú Bank, Control Risks, and FT LatAm Editor Michael Stott.

  • The Canning House LatAm Outlook: Update

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