Designing a better Latin America

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Canning House and the London Design Biennale present the Canning House Cultural Lecture 2021, welcoming Latin American designers from this year's Biennale whose projects address the theme of 'Resonance'.

The Canning Cultural Lecture 2021

Designing a better Latin America

A celebration of Latin American design

Canning House and the London Design Biennale present the Canning Cultural Lecture 2021, welcoming the Latin American designers from this year's Biennale - representing Argentina, Chile, Guatemala and Venezuela - whose projects address the theme of 'Resonance'.

In this celebration of Latin American design, we hear from curators and  designers on the inspirations, goals and purposes of their unique and fascinating projects.

Learn more about the projects by watching the videos below, or visiting the Biennale website.

This event is presented in partnership with the London Design Biennale.

This year's exhibition, entitled Can we design a better world?, will take place from 1-27 June at Somerset House, London WC2R 1LA.

Visit the Biennale website to learn more.


Irene Mia

Canning House Trustee and Senior Fellow for Latin America and Conflict, IISS

Panel & Projects

Victoria Broackes

Director, London Design Biennale

Franca López Barbera

Curator, 'Monte Abierto'

Carola Ureta

Curator, 'Tectonic Resonances'

María Adela Díaz

Designer, 'Nostalgia'

María Elena Pombo

Designer, 'La Rentrada'


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London Design Biennale

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