Cuba: Construction, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, and Manufacturing Industries

  • SCI Belgrave Square, 14/15 Belgrave Square, London

Canning House and UK Trade & Investment Havana are delighted to invite Corporate Members to meet a senior delegation of Cuban decision-makers that will be visiting London in March.

Canning House and UK Trade & Investment Havana are delighted to invite Corporate Members to meet a senior delegation of Cuban decision-makers that will be visiting London in March. Led by Cuban Viceminister of Industry Jose Gaspar Alvarez other attendees will include Business Directors and buyers from the Ministries of Construction, Tourism, and Power Supplier Union Electrica.

Full programme to be announced shortly.

There will also be the opportunity for 1-2-1 meetings after the event.

RSVP: [email protected]

Guests will include:

Jose Gaspar Alvarez, Viceminister, Cuban Ministry of Industry

This Ministry was created in 2012 to direct and control industrial development in Cuba. It covers the mechanic, metal, electronics, textile, paper, chemicals, toiletries, plastic, packaging, furniture and recycling industries amongst other. Priorities for the sector lie in the modernisation of the metal industry, the production of steel byproducts, electrical appliances, the manufacturing of aluminium and glass containers for beverages and medicines, and the comprehensive handling of solid waste and other recyclable materials.

Amaury Medina, Business Director and Alberto Rivero, Head of Purchases, Cuban Ministry of Construction

The Ministry of Construction’s core business are focused on regulating and overseeing the application of the government’s policy in the construction sector. It controls the operations of the three new Business Groups that lead construction activities in the island: Grupo Empresarial de Construcción y Montaje Industrial (Industrial Assembling and Construction Holding Organization), Grupo Empresarial de Diseño e Ingenieria de la Construcción (Construction Design and Engineering Holding Organization) and Grupo Empresarial de Materiales de Construcción (Building Products Holding Organization). Most actors in the construction sector in Cuba operate under the umbrella of these organisations.

Jose Reynaldo Daniel, Business Director, Cuban Ministry of Tourism

MINTUR is the state body ruling the tourism system in Cuba. It elaborates the policy and checks its implementation in the entities which directly manage the properties of the sector. It is responsible for the increase and diversification of tourism options, remodelling and increasing room capacity, bringing computer and communications systems to the most advanced levels, incorporating foreign capital into the sector, and broadening the perspectives of tourism development in the country.

Amaury Mena, Director for Strategic Development, Union Eléctrica

Union Electrica is the Cuban government company in charge of the generation, transmission, distribution, and marketing of electric power to all residential and state-owned customers. It is the main partner appointed for projects involving the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Lourdes Morell, EU Desk Officer, Cuban Chamber of Commerce

The Cuban Chamber of Commerce Since was created in 1963 as an autonomous agency. Its prime function is to support the process of internationalisation of Cuban companies. Amongst its core functions are the registration of foreign companies in Cuba, the organisation of international trade fairs and congresses, the analysis of international legislation, and the organisation of international trade missions.

Further details are available via this Promotional Flyer.

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