Covid-19 in Latin America: April 2021 Update

  • Online
  • 16:00-17:30 GMT

Canning House welcomes a panel of speakers for a further renewed update on Covid-19's continuing impact on Latin America’s public health, and the measures being taken to combat the pandemic.

Covid-19 in Latin America:

April 2021 Update

Please note: The date for this event has changed. It will now take place on Thursday 22 April. Your Zoom registration will be maintained.

Throughout 2020, the capacity of governments around the world to respond to crises has been tested. 2021 has offered little respite, with new Covid-19 mutations and continuing high rates of infection, necessitating the implementation of stricter restrictions to protect public health.

However, the year arrived with a new hope – a number of vaccines against Covid-19 have gained widespread approval, and mass vaccination programmes have begun across Latin America. This in itself presents new challenges - and indeed opportunities - for supply and distribution, as well as a starting point for economic and social revival.

Canning House welcomes a panel of experts for an update on the pandemic’s impact on the region’s public health, and on the strategies adopted by governments for vaccinations and recovery.

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Dr Clare Wenham

Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy, London School of Economics

Dr Gonzalo Moratorio

Head of Experimental Evolution of Viruses, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

Santiago Cornejo

Director, Country Engagement at Office of the COVAX Facility

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