Language Courses

In collaboration with Regent’s University London, Canning House runs ten week Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish language courses. Courses run three times per year, and class sizes are typically between 6 – 15 students.

Autumn term language courses:


Members: £200 per term / Non-Members: £250

Levels Offered

Brazilian Portuguese

Members: £200 per term / Non-Members: £250

Levels Offered

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The Canning House library Collection

The Canning House Library Collection

The Canning House Library was launched in 1948 and was recognised for many years as a key source of information on the Latin world, attracting over three thousand users a year. It continues to be one of the most important collections in the UK for Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies.

In 2012 the bulk of the collection (some 54,000 titles) was transferred to King’s College London. With the Foreign Office Collection, the Canning House material provides a significant source of complementary information for a wide range of users. It is managed by a special joint Board and is accessible to Canning House members on request.

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One of the jewels of Latin American Studies in the United Kingdom

Hugh Thomas

Historian, author of Cuba: The Pursuit of Freedom, An Unfinished History of the World, and World Without End: The Global Empire of Philip II

Visiting Fellowships

This year Canning House and King’s College London launched a new Visiting Fellowship. The Visiting Fellowship is based at King’s Maughan Library, drawing on the extensive Canning House Library Collection housed there. The first research project, focusing on the Impact of Habitat I on the Urban Poor in Latin America, is underway.

Applications are currently closed.

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The Canning House Library collection

Trade Policy

In summer of 2017, Canning House established the Trade Policy Forum to help address issues relating to barriers impeding increased trade and investment between the UK and Latin America, and identify possible solutions to overcome them.

The forum convenes senior representatives from government, business leaders from the private sector, as well as senior individuals from civil society groups and NGOs, on a case by case basis. Meetings are held in private to encourage free and open discussion, and a summary of the key points discussed and recommendations made is circulated to those who attended. An executive summary is also made available for public access.

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