Two forces shaping Latin America: COVID-19 and 4IR

by Canning House Associate Fellow Andrew Thompson

Every week, Andrew Thompson draws on his great wealth of knowledge and experience of Latin America to bring our audience in-depth insights on economics, political risk, and business in the region.

Canning House Associate Fellow Andrew Thompson considers the findings of a World Bank report encouraging Latin America to embrace the "fourth industrial revolution" in the face of a global health crisis and great technological change.

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La Rambla Research

What happened?

Hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and by the biggest contraction in economic activity since the 1930s, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) should embrace the “fourth industrial revolution” according to a new report by the World Bank.

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About the Author Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

La Rambla Research Ltd.

Andrew is a former foreign correspondent (Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro) and a broadcaster for the BBC’s Latin American Service. He is an Associate Fellow at Canning House in London. Working through La Rambla Research Ltd., he writes about economics, political risk, and business in Latin America.

These stories are also available on Andrew's blog site, La Rambla Research

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