The Future of Latin American Mining

in partnership with LatAm INVESTOR

Coronavirus is reshaping mining in Latin America. The region has always been rich in metals but the industry has often struggled to win the support of local communities and stakeholders. The pandemic’s economic impact mean Latin America’s hard-hit economies need mining more than ever, yet it also increases the threat of populism.

Following LatAm INVESTOR’s recent Latin American Mining Report, Canning House and LatAm INVESTOR hosted a high-level discussion of the future of mining in the region. Speakers including René Ortiz, Ecuador's Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources, HE Jaime Marchán, Ambassador of Ecuador to the United Kingdom; Roberto Maldonado, Vice President of Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers; Jose Montoya, VP Latin America, Appian Capital and Ramiro Blazquez, Head of Research, BancTrust & Co. analysed the opportunities and threats to the industry in Latin America.

Read the full Latin American Mining Report in the latest issue of the LatAm INVESTOR magazine, available for free on their website.


Chair: James McKeigue

Editor, LatAm INVESTOR

René Ortiz

Ecuador's Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources

Jason Ward

Head of Exploration and Executive Director of SolGold

HE Jaime Marchán

Ambassador of Ecuador to the UK

Roberto Maldonado

VP, Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers

José Montoya

VP, Latin America, Appian Capital

Cristina Cortes

CEO, Canning House

Ramiro Blazquez

Head of Research, BancTrust & Co.

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