Latin American perceptions of Chinese activity in the region

For more than twenty years, Chinese interest and activity in Latin America has seemingly grown exponentially. From loaning billions of dollars for infrastructure development projects, to purchasing commodities to satisfy its burgeoning middle-classes, China’s interest and presence in Latin America has become increasingly entrenched.

Or at least that is the narrative here in the UK and in other western states. But what is the view from Latin America? How do the business leaders, political classes, and citizens view Chinese interests and activities in the region? Do they see China as a welcome alternative to more traditional sources of investment and partnerships from Western states, or do they see China’s engagement as something more problematic and damaging?

This event provided an overview of the views and perspectives of different stakeholder groups from Latin America, hearing first hand on how they see the rise of Chinese engagement and activity in their region.

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Dr Carlos Solar

Senior Research Fellow, Latin American Security - RUSI

Alejandra Cuéllar

Mexico and Central America Editor - Diálogo Chino

Dr Alvaro Mendez

Director - LSE Global South Unit

Dr Gustavo Oliveira

Assistant Professor of Geography - Clark University


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