Latin America and the Global Clean Energy Transition

A LatAm INVESTOR & Canning House Event

The pandemic is accelerating the global transition to clean energy, creating massive investment opportunities in Latin America. The region has just 10% of the world’s population but a much greater share of the natural resources needed for the world to switch to low-carbon technologies. That will give Latin America an outsized role in the coming transition.

It has more copper and lithium than anywhere else on earth, making it a key provider of clean tech metals for electric vehicles. Its sparsely populated, well-watered landmass gives it similar position in biofuels. Meanwhile its incredible renewable resources allow for some of the lowest solar, wind, geothermal and hydro costs in the world. It also has some of the world’s cheapest, most environmentally-friendly oil and gas production, providing the conventional energy needed to fuel the transition.

On 24 March, we explored the opportunities being created by Latin America’s unique role in the global energy transition.

Please note: Language interpretation is not available on this recording.


Cristina Cortes

CEO, Canning House

Keynote speech

Ranil Jayawardena MP

UK Minister for International Trade

Biofuels talk

Erasmo Battistella

Owner, ECB Group


Moderator: James McKeigue

Editor, LatAm INVESTOR

Alfredo Mordezki

Head of LatAm Fixed Income, Santander Asset Management

Marcela Vaca

General Director, GeoPark

Keith Marshall

CEO, SolGold

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