Fintech and Financial Innovation in Central America

in partnership with LatAm INVESTOR

Central America is a perfect fit for fintech. It has low banking penetration and poor rural communities with no access to financial services. Yet it also has high mobile phone penetration and excellent mobile internet coverage. That creates the perfect conditions for fintech and mobile banking.

The chief challenge is regulatory. Following a series of banking crises in Latin America in the 1980s and 1990s, local financial sectors are conservatively regulated. This regulation has done an excellent job of creating robust financial systems that survived the 2008 Great Financial Crisis and the current pandemic. However, regulations need to be updated to allow for the emergence of non-bank financial players, such as fintech companies. The UK has a leading role in fintech, and this conference will explore the opportunities for British firms in Central America.


Héctor Valdez Albizu

Governor of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

H.E. Natalia Royo

Ambassador of Panama to the United Kingdom

Moises Chaves

Co-founder, OMNi

Jorge Sequeira

Managing Director, Cinde, Costa Rica

Nayid Aguilar


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