Cultivating the UK and Latin America’s Food and Drinks Trade

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For over a century, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has been a leading exporter of agricultural goods. The region houses one third of the world’s fresh water resources and over one quarter of the world’s medium-to-high-potential farmland. Four of the world’s top five banana exporters come from Latin America (Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Colombia). Brazil exports more beef and soybean than any other country worldwide. Mexico is the world’s top producer of avocados and Chile and Peru are the leading grape and berry exporters.

However, some global obstacles stand in the way. The most pressing issue, perhaps, is the aggressive hike in fertiliser prices and supply chain disruption triggered by the war in Ukraine. Climate change is also threatening crop production. Last summer, Argentina has faced its worst drought in 60 years and wildfires have raged farmland and vineyards in Chile.

The UK-Latin American Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) trade is, also, gaining traction. FMCGs are characterised as goods that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost. In the UK, large and medium-sized enterprises are looking to expand their exports to middle-income countries with growing consumer demands. Home to a growing middle class with disposal income, Latin America and the Caribbean stands out as a promising market for UK FMCGs exports from whisky to health products and over-the-counter medicines.

During this pivotal moment, Canning House and Baker McKenzie discussed the prospects for boosting trade in food and beverages between the UK and Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing primarily on FMCGs.

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Norberto Pontiroli

Technical Team, GPS

Gonzalo Bernal

Partner International Commercial and Trade Team - Baker McKenzie

Carlos Narváez

Director of Agribusiness - IDB Invest

Vanúsia Nogueira

Executive Director, International Coffee Organisation

Maria José Kong

Head of Trade Americas, Scotch Whisky Association

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