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with Christopher Garnett

By some measures, Latin America leads the world in cryptocurrency – El Salvador was the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, and per capita more Brazilians own cryptocurrency than anyone else, bar Indonesia. Whether as a method of payment, a speculative asset, a channel for remittances or a route to financial inclusion, it appears that, for now, cryptocurrencies are here to stay in Latin America.

However, this does not come without caveats: many have raised concerns over the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies, or their potential for use in criminal activity. Some countries in Latin America have opted for varied levels of regulation, while others pursue centralised digital currencies.

All this, and more, was discussed in our latest Canning Conversation, with Christopher Garnett and a group of cryptocurrency experts.


Christopher Garnett

Principal, ChuteCourt Asesores

Ramiro Blazquez

Head of Research and Strategy, BancTrust & Co

Soledad Contreras

Director of Partnerships, Coindesk

Julian Geovo

Operations Director, Bitpoint Latin America

Katie Llanos-Small

Founder & CEO, Iupana

Sui Chung

CEO, CF Benchmarks


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