Latin American Weekly Report

30/09/2021 - Peru’s Castillo and Bellido adopt good cop, bad cop routine

Peru’s government is lurching from one crisis to another, but a method can now be discerned. This week the prime minister, Guido Bellido, fired off an incendiary tweet in which he threatened to nationalise the Camisea gas deposits unless the consortium exploiting them renegotiated its contract with the government. Then, in response to the decision by the opposition-dominated congress to summon the labour minister, Íber Maraví, to face questions about his alleged links to the Sendero Luminoso (SL) guerrilla group, Bellido said he would turn the issue into a vote of confidence if congress decided to censure the minister. Two ‘no confidence’ votes would allow President Pedro Castillo to dissolve congress and trigger fresh elections. Castillo has neither disowned nor endorsed Bellido, instead expressing a more conciliatory view, but with the threat left hanging in the air.

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