Meeting with Daniel Quintero

Daniel Quintero and Cristina Cortes, CEO of Canning House

Earlier today, Canning House had the pleasure of meeting with Daniel Quintero, former Vice Minister of Digital Economy of Colombia and a mayoral candidate for the city of Medellín. Mr Quintero is in London as part of his Innovation Tour – aimed at identifying creative solutions for cities.

Medellín has come a long way since it was ranked among the world’s most dangerous cities to live in during the 1980s and 90s. In order to continue improving productivity and reducing crime and violence, Mr Quintero stressed the importance of IT in curriculum at all levels of education, and the need for a digitally connected population. By increasing access to internet, Mr Quintero hopes that big data can be used to create more effective, targeted policies for Medellín’s most marginalised communities.

The Medellín mayoral elections will take place in October 2019.