Corporate Membership

Over 70 Years Promoting Latin America

and Iberia in the United Kingdom

Our Mission:

“To be the UK’s leading forum for informed

comment, contacts and debate on Latin

American  politics, economy and business”

Latin America, with a population in excess of 600 million, spread across more than 20 countries, has a middle class on a par with China and India.

As a Region, it is increasingly globalized in its outlook – actively pursuing free trade and other international agreements, as well as membership of leading global multilateral institutions; and its general adherence to international standards and the rule of law has strengthened significantly.   Latin America remains keen to engage with the UK across a wide range of fields; and, despite continuing political uncertainties and significant economic exposure to the commodities cycle, Latin America continues to present many and significant opportunities for British business, trade and investment across many sectors.

Canning House will continue to be at the forefront of British efforts to broaden and deepen the UK’s relationship with Latin America, in full alignment with the government’s “Canning Agenda” and in the best interests of British business.

No other institution in the U.K. is better placed to help small, medium or large –businesses , to understand the complexities and risks and navigate the challenges and opportunities of this complex but dynamic region.

Our unique blend of first-hand information and contacts, delivered through c.50 corporate events p.a. (briefings, roundtables, lectures, seminars, debates and conferences) plus regular and periodical publications – supplemented by tailor-made research and consultancy from experts in the field – offer our members valuable information and insights in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.

Our history, combined with our status as an independent, non-political, non-profit-making organisation gives us unparalleled access to key players and experts throughout both regions; and we are optimally positioned to facilitate the contacts, knowledge and understanding that organisations and individuals require in order to succeed in their Latin American endeavours.


Joining Canning House as a Corporate Member

By joining Canning House, you will become part of the UK’s leading forum for informed comment, contacts and debate on Latin American politics, economy, and business. There are four levels of membership – Canning Circle, Premier, Partner and Overseas – to best match the needs, size, expectations and budgets of your business.

Benefits of Corporate membership include:


Weekly, monthly and periodical  publications on political and economic developments and business matters. Access to specialist tailor-made research and consultancy (upon request). Frequent and regular events (see below).

Exclusive Events

We run approximately c.50 corporate events p.a. – private off the record briefings, talks, seminars, lectures and conferences. They range in scale from small and exclusive to large-scale flagship events such as

  • our annual Canning Lecture delivered by a Head of State or Government
  • our annual Canning Conference attended by up to 300 politicians, diplomats, senior business executives, academics, thought leaders and NGOs.

Business Development and Facilitation

Provision of member-to-member, business-to-business and business-to-government facilitation.

Networking, Access and Contacts

Privileged access to governments, authorities and other businesses, as well as membership of a wider community of interest focused on Latin American and Iberian political, economic, educational and cultural developments.

Sponsorship and Profile Opportunities

Event sponsorship and speaking opportunities at our events – to enhance your brand and the profile of your executives within the UK, Iberian and Latin American business communities.

Independent Forum and Venue Facilities

Independent politically impartial venue for attending and hosting events, either jointly with Canning House or for your own private business events.

Alignment with UK Government’s “Canning Agenda” for Latin America

The opportunity to support the UK Government’s commitment to broader and deeper business engagement with Latin America; and to exercise significant influence on trade policy and regulatory issues within the Region.

Trade Missions

From time to time there are also opportunities for corporate members to participate in trade missions led by UK Ministers to Latin America or to attend Ministerial briefings prior to those visits.


The benefit of having the backing of Canning House and access to its knowledge and resources when pitching for business – not only externally, but also for appropriately assessing risks for the investing organisation itself.

Language Training

Canning House has for many years run Brazilian Portuguese language courses throughout the academic year – spanning all levels from beginners to advanced, including a course specifically designed for Spanish speakers.

A full overview of the Corporate Membership offering can be downloaded here.

For more information or to discuss how to join Canning House as a Corporate Member please contact the Corporate Manager: or call +44 (0)20 7811 5603.