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Canning House is delighted to introduce our newest Patron Member, Andean Capital. We spoke to Mark Reardon, Partner at Andean Capital, about the firm.

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Who are Andean Capital?

Andean Capital is a boutique investment firm offering clients assistance with advisory services, capital raises and deal completion; at times demystifying the notion that many UK based investors have about the complexity of looking at expanding or investing in Latin America and the Caribbean. As Mark Reardon, Partner at Andean Capital, acknowledges:

“We spend a lot of time educating UK businesses and investors on the risks and rewards of the LATAC region. We live in a hugely changing world given the recent pandemic and current world events - which has meant an increased appetite for considering the region.”

A focus on providing a discreet boutique service with a wide network on the ground means that Andean Capital provides agility and access to decision makers that larger firms sometimes lack.

How did Andean Capital start?

Mark spent a significant part of his career in the communications industry, having worked for two of the world’s largest holding companies - Publicis Groupe SA and WPP. A mix of operational, corporate development and strategic projects with increasing emphasis on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) led Mark to focus more on growth opportunities in the digital and technology sectors.

A career that took him to Rio de Janeiro, New York and Miami provided a broader view of investment-based opportunities specifically in Latin America & the Caribbean:

“I was continually asked to look at M&A opportunities in the region mainly within the tech and communications space on a consultative basis. While this was interesting, I felt that the region had far more to offer as I began to identify opportunities in agriculture, infrastructure and renewables - everything has a tech component, and if it doesn’t it should!”

This realisation led Mark to formulate a robust offering, establishing Andean Capital during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why Canning House?

“Reassuringly, post COP26 we are experiencing increased momentum in sustainable led initiatives - today this is a mainstay of every discussion we have, whether with governments in the region or investors in the UK. Canning House has been extremely helpful in many of these discussions, particularly at its three presidential Canning Lectures at COP26 in Glasgow; it only reinforced our decision to become a Canning House Patron last year.”

“We are broad in terms of what we will look at - but everything needs a technology or sustainability element - preferably both” advises Mark.

Looking ahead to 2022, Mark invites likeminded businesses and organisations in the UK and in the region to reach out to Andean Capital to explore opportunities to collaborate.

Mark lives in London with his Argentinian wife Maria Fatima and their son Mateo.

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