Canning House's 2021 Events Programme

  • 2021

Canning House's 2021 events calendar is now available! Find out what our programme has in store for the next year.

2021 Events Programme

Our 2021 Events Programme is now available to download!

Canning House's Conferences for 2021 include our Sustainable Development series, examining Latin America through the lens of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the aims of COP26. In March, we present our yearly update to the Canning House LatAm Outlook with our partners Ipsos, Itaú, Control Risks and Michael Stott. For Q3 and Q4, the annual UK-Brazil Conversa and Finance conferences look at areas for UK-Latin America collaboration.

Our Insights cover the latest trends affecting Latin America's geopolitics and socioeconomics - including the year's upcoming elections, and the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the region. With our regular briefings on current affairs, the Insights programme promises insights on Latin America's most pressing political and social issues.

The Round Tables offer deep-dives into opportunities and obstacles for UK businesses looking to increase their presence in Latin America, through high-level, behind-closed-doors meetings on the crucial aspects of trade policy on an industry-by-industry basis, with participation by key stakeholders.

Our Conversations offer an opportunity for productive exchanges on the business and politics of Latin America, encompassing a range of perspectives from leading figures in the region's industry and society.

Finally, Canning House's Cultural calendar for 2021, including a return of our Forgotten Histories, offers a look at Latin America's arts, history and sporting culture.

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