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The Canning Conference, held annually, aims to explore current trends and transformations in Latin America by analysing the economic, political and social changes taking place.  For the 2014 Conference, Canning House wishes to focus on the topic of regional integration and the impact of old and new trade blocs on future development.

Over the past couple of decades in Latin America trade policy and economic integration have become increasingly important issues.  The establishment of the Pacific Alliance has added extra impetus to this as the most significant hemispheric trade initiative in recent years.

The enormous expansion in commerce between China and the Americas has also been a striking shift in focus, yet the slowing of the Chinese economy can be seen as major factor in Latin American economies’ deceleration in growth in the last couple of years.  This economic slowdown has been reflected in declining export revenues and compounded further by reduced foreign investment.

The future of Latin American countries’ economic performance will hinge to an extent on which of the region’s governments and corporations will respond most effectively to the issues of:  the deceleration of growth of China;  the new US trade agenda;  Mexico’s economic reforms;  the development of the Pacific Alliance;  Brazil and the condition of Mercosur, whilst also addressing the perennial issues of low productivity growth, infrastructure bottlenecks and inequality.

The keynote speaker for this halfday conference is Dr. Arturo Valenzuela, former US Assistant Secretary of Western Hemisphere Affairs, in conversation with Rt. Hon Michael Portillo.

Further information on additional speakers and panellists to follow soon.

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